Thursday, January 10, 2013

 We spent Christmas in Denver with the whole Grange family.

 Ellie and Lucy are friends now!
 BINGO night
cutest nativity ever
let's open some presents!  9 kids people, 7 and under.

 We demand snow from Denver, it delivered.

 minute to win it fun.
Such a fun Christmas!  i'm always sad when it's over :(

before Santa came..

 We went to Mabel's Christmas preschool program.  The theme was "when I grow up".  Her teacher cleverly labeled this group of princesses as "those interested in the arts"  I'm ok with Mabel being Cinderella, then we can get in free to Disneyland.
 Andrew's less then traditional house
 Gingerbread houses

 Ryan's Christmas recital

 Pre-Christmas Eve, we opened up G & G Toolson's presents.  Bat cave, Princess Castle, My Little Pony Castle, and Hot Wheels Race Track. All super fun, but way too big to bring to Denver.  And I might add, every single one of these toys required a LOT of assembly.  Thanks Mom and Dad (as Ryan would say, "I was being sarcastic).  The kids love them all.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It was a beautiful warm night with lots of candy for all!

halloween prep

 Our beautiful Cinderella
 A pensive Umpa Lumpa
 Pumpkin Carving
 Ward Party, more Umpa Lumpas, cutest thing ever!
 Andrew won a fish...which died within 2 days.  I might have something to do with the fact that we hadn't gotten around to buying food yet...still feel kind of bad about that.
 Preschool Party
Frankenstein, complete with green colored, candy covered teeth

Sunday, October 28, 2012

More Allie fun

 We just had to take Allie to our favorite Pumpkin Patch, even though Mabel and I had already been there.
 Allie was a good sport and let us drag her around to all our going ons, like ward potlucks, family pictures, and even went to a movie with me and a bunch of old ladies :)

 looking way to old.

We miss you already Aunt Allie!  Come back!

Lucy and Spencer...and Allie

 Aunt Allie came to visit for the birthdays, so fun!  We had to go to Chick-Fil-A, the poor girl doesn't have it in Vegas.
 Pretty girls, Allie owes her big blue eyes in part to her Aunt Allie.
 Since she shares a birthday with her dad, she had to eat his birthday meal too.  Grilled Cheese and Tomato soup, his request, I promise.
 We're big into My LIttle Ponies these days.
 Spencer got some exciting presents too, like work gloves and sixlets.  What a handsome guy.
 The Birthday Buddies,
 New scooter from Grammy and Gramps and new coat made by Grandma Toolson, so adorable.  Lucy is a scooter riding fool.  It's saved us from the fights over Mabels.
 Spencer picks his cake flavor, Cherry Chip, and Lucy gets the design.  I hope you are all keeping track of my awesome cakes I make year after year.  This one kept right up to my ghetto fabulous cake standards.

 So old.  Our big 2 year old is looking older and older everyday and talking up a storm.  This is the first time my baby has turned 2 without having another baby in my arms.  Crazy.  (and no, this is not an announcement).
 So cool.
Lucy also loves her baby dolls.  We love our little Lucy and our Spencer.